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When can I buy tickets?

Registration is now open.  Go to Registration

Where is Southeast Mayhem 2022 being held?

Tifton, GA at the UGA-Tifton Campus Conference Center.  The Address is 15 RDC Road, Tifton, GA 31793. Get directions on the Travel Page.

What is an NPC?

An NPC is a gaming acronym which stands for Non-Playing Character. Translated this means a helpful and trusted volunteer staff member for  Southeast Mayhem 2022.  Interested in learning how to run your own tournament?  It takes lots of people to run and organize.  Check out our Volunteer SignUp Page.

Are children allowed at Southeast Mayhem?

Yes.  Each person must buy an admission ticket, regardless of age.  Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent.  (Parents...Southeast Mayhem is a community eSports event.  Most tournament games are ESRB rated Teen.  Please check the eSports Tournament page to see what games are being played at Southeast Mayhem 2022.)

Can I enter in my cosplay outfit?

Yes.  Please wear your cosplay outfit to Southeast Mayhem 2022.  There is limited room for changing and privacy is not guaranteed.

Where can I find updates on the events at?

Check our website and social media for updates.  Once you register for the event, you will also receive the latest news via email. 

Are pictures and/or video allowed?


How do I sign up to be an exhibitor?

Exhibit Booths are one of the most popular things to do at an eSports event.  We anticipate 300-400 eSports competitors at Southeast Mayhem 2022.  Sign-up Today to Promote Your Business!

Where can I find information on parking and nearby hotels?

The Travel tab has information on these topics, as well as nearby restaurants. The UGA-Tifton Campus Conference Center has several large parking lots on site. There are many hotels in Tifton and searching "Tifton, GA hotels" in the search engine will bring up all the hotels.

Are any characters banned from tournament play at Southeast Mayhem?

Guilty Gear Strive has just released a new character named Baiken through DLC. She is banned from this tournament, but not forever.  Get to know this new character during casual play.

Do I need a sponsor to enter a tournament?

Southeast Mayhem is a community event--first time tournament player to pro. Everyone is welcome. In fact, Southeast Mayhem is the perfect event to test the tournament waters and to make new friends. To specifically answer your questions, you do not need a sponsor.

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