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Southeast Mayhem Rules

1. No Cheating

Any cheating that provides unfair advantage or sabotage will result in disqualification and banning from future events.

2. No Harrassment

Harrassment of any kind will not be tolerated and offenders will go through a reporting process and remediation steps.

3. No Stealing

Any theft of property will result in the contact of onsite security and police for prosecution.

4. No Violence

All incidents of violence will result in removal from the event and a ban from all future events.

5. No Drugs

Buying, using, or dealing illegal drugs will result in notification of onsite security and police, removal from event, and a ban from future events. The use of prescribed medicines other than its intended dosage or purpose will also result in the same actions.

6. No Interfering with Belongings or People

No disturbing contestant's and spectator's belongings during events. No disturbing contestant's personal space while they are competing in events.

7. Be Prepared for Other Consoles

Things break.  Southeast Mayhem will make every effort to use the equipment stated in its announcement; however, Southeast Mayhem reserves the right to change equipment for any tournament and/or game in the event an unforeseen event happens.  Take some time to practice on consoles you aren't used to in case your tournament or game is being held on a different console. 

8. No Smoking

The UGA-Tifton Campus Conference Center is a smoke-free facility.

Southeast Mayhem Game Rules

Southeast Mayhem Official Rulebook

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