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Volunteer Sign Ups

Are you interested in creating an environment worthy of an amazing experience? As a volunteer or non-player character (NPC) you can join a team of people that will make and sustain Southeast Mayhem. You could be a part of the ticket booth, info booth, will call, security, set up, and/or clean up. Submit an application to be a part of this crew. It's a great resumé builder.

Tournament Referee

 - Help create the brackets for tournaments and moderate the tournament games.

Equipment Setup

 - Setting up consoles, computers, booths, and decorations.

Equipment Takedown

 - Taking down consoles, computers, booths, and decorations.


 - Watch over equipment to keep it from being stolen, keep event patrons safe, watch entryways to make sure everyone buys a ticket, and check on parking lots and restrooms to keep the order.

Merchandise Sales

 - Run a Southeast Mayhem merchandise booth.


 - Record the event to commemorate the experience and the awards.


 - Keep the audience up to date on what's happening and commentate the live events.


 - Collect the results of tournament matches to update the tournament's next rounds.

Card Halla Manager

 - Oversee this minigame for charity.

Board Game Manager

 - Help manage board games for the community.

Ticket Sales

 - Run the ticket booth to sell patrons tickets or help them collect will call.

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